It’s been a while but I’ve been very busy with my day to day work. I finally had time for another release of JMetro, version “11.6.16”.

This time the focus has been on fixing bugs, tweaking visuals and UX improvements…

Complete list of changes

  1. Fixes #208: TextField – TextField with “glitched” background when disabled and inside Dialog
  2. Fixes #178: TreeTableView, TreeView: Make disclosure button arrows smaller
  3. ControlsFX is optional, only require it at compile time (#212)
  4. Fixes #193: Slider – Unable to update slider by clicking on the track before the thumb
  5. ListSpinner – ListSpinner Skin isn’t being correctly assigned in the CSS
  6. Fixes #206: Button, ToggleButton – Button does not show border on hover when it is focused
  7. Fixes #213: JMetro NPE when getOverridingStylesheets().add(source). Should throw instructive exception
  8. Fixes #90: TreeView, TableView, ListView, TreeTableView – make selected, hover, etc colors, consistent across all cell based controls
  9. Fixes #215: DatePicker – changes height when focused
  10. Fixes #209: TextFields – Non-Editable TextFields shouldn’t have a ‘clear’ button (@volkal1 and @satsen)
  11. Fixes #204: Add Maven/Gradle coordinates to README and Add instructions for filing issues

As always you can get this release through the usual channels (Github releases, Maven Central).

Kudos to these users that made contributions in this release (for some of these users I just have their Github user name): @satsen, Florian Bruggisser, Thomas Feuster, @volkal1

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