Hi, I’m
Pedro Duque (Duke) Vieira .

I’m a Software Engineer, Software Designer and Entrepreneur. I develop beautiful, graphical applications that users feel happy to use and that significantly boost their productivity.

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My passion and professional work for more than 18 years have been all about graphics, applications with user interfaces and all related aspects (programming, UI Design and UX).

I have both programmed and created the UI Design of applications for my clients. I’ve worked for companies that are tech leaders, for world recognized fortune 500 companies and for small startups with small budgets that are now outperforming established software implemented with significantly higher resources.

Besides that, I've also worked for companies helping to develop the technologies that programmers use to implement the interfaces of their applications (e.g. helping to develop the official tools of JavaFX, etc).

In my free time, I like doing open source (FOSS). Some of those FOSS projects are used worldwide and in the most well-known Java software like famous NASA applications (Deep Space Trajectory Explorer, etc) and applications used by the USA's White House.

Amazing Applications

I have developed applications that are both highly appreciated by its users and by fellow professional colleagues. These are applications that stand high above competing products by having outstanding UX, UI and for their programming architecture. [read more]

Recognized Hobby Projects

In my free time, I like doing open source (FOSS). Some of those FOSS projects are used worldwide and others are used in the most well-known Java applications. Like JMetro that is used in some of NASA's applications (e.g. DSTE, Trajectory Optimization Data Viewer, etc) and applications used by the USA's White House. [read more]

Amazing Applications

I have built the most amazing Applications. Highly appreciated by users and used worldwide.

Expert in Java

18 years of professional experience with Java. I've worked with worldwide recognized Java gurus and top tech companies building award winning software and tools.

Expert in JavaFX

I’ve been using JavaFX since its first beta release. I've worked for the highest profile companies using JavaFX and my open-source projects are used by the most well-known software.

Open Source

On my spare time I develop open-source projects. Some of them are used by the highest profile applications, like NASA apps and apps used in the White House.


I love graphics and creating applications with user interfaces. I’ve been perfecting this craft for more than 18 years. I have knowledge of UI Design and UX.


Occasionally I write about technology and sometimes speak at conferences/podcasts. My articles are republished on the best publishing platforms and highly appreciated.