“Pedro’s expertise in product development, UX and Java/JavaFX was critical in transforming our outdated application into a modern Java program with a sleek JavaFX interface.
The application now not only looks wonderful, but it also delivers exceptional user experience.
The owner and upper management really liked the application.
Also, the code Pedro wrote looks outstanding, which will significantly lower maintenance costs and allow for easier addition of new features.”

Jared Davis

Responsible for the computer science division of Carrier
(A fortune 500 company based in New York)

“I can recommend Pedro without hesitation. He was a critical asset for our development team, implementing our GUI precisely to spec. He is expert in JavaFX and contributed significantly towards backend architecture. Metascrape was a unique, demanding application, and Pedro got it done.”

Daniel Beeler

CEO at Cardiospire (San Francisco, California)

“Pedro has been a pioneer in rich-client Java for quite some time… Pedro has been a contributor to the JFXtras project, where he developed the JXScene component for integrating Swing and JavaFX in earlier versions of JavaFX.”

James Weaver

Former Oracle employee working on JavaFX,
Developer, Author and Speaker

“Pedro has been an extremely valuable member of our team, assisting in many aspects of development of our JavaFX application. I have appreciated Pedro’s attention to detail, his flexible commitment, his willingness to offer valuable advice & insight, and his significant expertise in all things Java, JavaFX & Design. I would highly recommend his services”

Nick Bishop

Founder & Director at Hero Software Pty Ltd (Australia)

“Pedro is an experient web developer with great sensibility for design and user experience.”

Rui Rosa Mendes

Public Cloud Enablement Team Lead at Siemens

“Pedro is a very experienced JavaFX developer, during the project he demonstrated several times a deep knowledge of software development. He was instrumental for the success of the project.”

Michael König

CEO and CTO at Tapenten Agentur (Cologne, Germany)

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