This is the list of applications I’ve worked on professionally. I’ve worked on many more applications / tools than the ones listed here, however these are the ones I can share publicly. I’ve also only, more recently, been storing information about the applications I develop.

Java CAD Application

This is a currently in use CAD application that has been developed using Java and JavaFX. It can be seen as an application similar to Autocad (which is used in Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc) but with the specific purpose to do energy efficiency assessment. 

My responsibilities were to define the higher level architecture, do the implementation, User Interface Design and User Experience and all the aspects of setting up a professional environment and workflow for developing a software application.

This software was finished in a much smaller time frame and a much smaller budget than other similar projects from competing companies. The users’ feedback to its release has gone way beyond what was expected.

Read more about it


Modellus is a freely available application that enables students and teachers (high school and university) to use mathematics to create or explore models interactively.

It has been published in different languages (Portuguese, English, Chinese, Greek, Spanish, etc) and it is used all over the world and in several published scientific papers. Samples range from Physics to Mathematics, going through Mechanics, Chemistry, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, among others.

Modellus is currently a Swing application with embedded JavaFX scenes. It was the first application, at least publicly, to integrate both Swing and JavaFX together in a single app by using a custom created component JXScene – not available in JavaFX at the time.

Modellus is used to introduce computational modeling, allowing an easy and intuitive creation of mathematical models using just standard mathematical notation. It allows the possibility of creating animations with interactive objects that have mathematical properties expressed in the model, for allowing the exploration of multiple representations and for permitting the analysis of experimental data in the form of images, animations, charts and tables. Modellus focuses on modeling and on the meaning of models.

The last time I worked on Modellus implementation was on mid 2012.

Visit Modellus site

Metascrape (Internet Scrapper)

Metascrape is an internet scrapper. This application was created for the United States market, to be used by law enforcement, marketing companies, etc.

The user could configure what to scrap for on the internet and the interface changed dynamically according to which module the user had selected from the market place. Each module had a specific target audience/market.

Some of the aspects of the interface are not entirely to my liking but the screenshots are from the first version, created some years ago.

This application was created using Java and JavaFX.

Other Work

There’s a bunch of other interesting work and projects I’ve been involved with. Some of them are private and I can’t share but others are listed on my linkedin page (and not here). Send me a message if you want to know more.