Foojay Podcast: The State of JavaFX Framework, Libraries, and Projects

In this episode Pedro talks alongside Java legends and Java Champions: Sean Phillips, Johan Vos, Gail Anderson and Dirk Lemmerman about the state of JavaFX (the Java UI library). It was skillfully hosted by another Java legend and Java Champion Frank Delporte.

The talk was about the current state of JavaFX, the JavaFX framework itself, and also about the libraries and applications that are built with it.

Foojay Podcast #9: State of JavaFX, Libraries, and Projects

JavaFX Days 2020

Real World Application: A JavaFX CAD Software

This talk is about a recently shipped and currently in use CAD application that Pedro has finished developing for a client, using JavaFX. It can be seen as an application similar to Autocad (which is used in Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc) but with the specific purpose to do energy efficiency assessment. It is an excellent example on the benefit of using JavaFX to develop these kinds of applications. This software was finished in a much smaller time frame and a much smaller budget than other similar projects from competing companies. The users’ feedback to its release has gone way beyond what was expected.

JMetro JavaFX Theme

JMetro is an open source theme for JavaFX. A JavaFX theme inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design. It is being used on production ready applications, some notable examples include the famous NASA’s Deep Space Trajectory Explorer application, NASA’s TODV, applications used by the USA’s White House, etc. Besides changing the appearance of controls, it also changes their behavior, with the addition of new functionality (through the skins API). All of this is done without the developer having to change anything in his code. This talk will focus on what is JMetro, how to use it and notable examples of applications using it.

Interview for Frank Delporte and JFX-Central site

I was interviewed by Frank Delporte. Frank is a reference in the Java world. He’s a Java Champion, a book author with a vast and recognized professional experience in the Java space and now also a brilliant reporter/writer for the well know foojay site.

In this video I talk about and show some of my professional work and open-source libraries (the work I can and am allowed to share).

Interview for Almas Youtube channel

Almas Baimagambetov is a programming Guru and Principal Lecturer at Brighton University also a big fan of open-source projects.

In this video Almas catches up with Pedro to talk about his past and current projects involving Java and JavaFX.

Modellus, FXRibbon and JMetro were discussed in this interview as well as Pedro’s earliest steps into Software Engineering and Software Design.