Hello, my name is Pedro I’m a software engineer and this is my first blog post ever.

As for my job, I’m currently working as a researcher on a University in Portugal, developing Modellus, a free software for modelling physics and mathematics: http://modellus.fct.unl.pt/, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Modellus/119393478656 (The current version 4.5 will be available this week). Also made a small contribution to JFxtras – JXScene for javafx1.2 (also thanks to Andrew Hughes).

Modellus is primarily used to aid teaching. By using only a mathematical language (no need to learn any new language) students and teachers are able to create models which then they can interact/view using animations/graphs/tables, etc.

On the previous months I’ve been porting Modellus 4.5 – a swing application – to javafx. As a mid step I’ve embedded the animation part made in javafx onto the rest.

Modellus 5 will be finalized and released till the end of April since, sadly for me, that is the time when the project will suffer an halt because to this date we weren’t able to get more funds.

So to wrap it all up this blog will be about my lessons learned while porting Modellus to JavaFX.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hola Francisco,

    Gracias por el incentivo! La version 5 esta prevista para Junio. Por lo tanto esa data esta dependiente de la continuidad de lo financiamiento de Modellus pudendo ser adiada.
    La integración con navegador será uno de los próximos pasos después de la version 5.

    Espero que el mi español se comprenda.


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