(Update: Modellus new site is http://modellus.pt)

The new pan and zoom feature allows you to navigate through a larger animation area, tracking the movement of an object that has left the currently visible area or focus on a particular point.

You can zoom with the mouse wheel which zooms the animation to the area where the mouse is or you can pan by dragging the mouse on an empty area.

If you want to quickly zoom to a particular area you can do so by ctr+clicking the area.

Here’s a video demonstrating Pan and Zoom in action . This is not yet the final interface and will be subject to change, namely a small map will be available showing a zoomed out view of all the animation space.

2 thoughts on “Pan and Zoom Modellus 5

  1. Hi,

    First of all, this looks really great! Nice work!

    Are you planning to publish the source, or parts of it?

    I’d be very interested to see the code behind the main animation area. I assume it’s JavaFX.

    How you keep track of the coordinate system while zooming and panning, and how you update the positions and size of the components in the area and such. Also how all the different components displayed in the animation canvas are stored inside the system.

    I have a system that’s written in Java using Swing. It shows a building layout with different devices and sensor and such. I’m really interested to port it to JavaFX and the zooming/panning thing would be totally awesome. But I haven’t yet managed to get my head around the whole node-based scene thingy of the JavaFX.

    • Hi Marty,

      Thanks for the compliments.

      Yes, I do intend to publish this. Haven’t done so because it isn’t really yet exactly as i want it to be.

      The scenegraph makes this kind of feature much simpler to do.

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