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On July 1st I’ll be no longer working full time with Modellus and as a consequence with JavaFX. I will however continue to work on it as an hobby, Modellus 5 is almost complete and I wish on having a very usable version on September.
From that point one, I preview Modellus will start to evolve at a quick pace taking advantage of the change of swing to javafx.

Despite some flawed features and omissions I’ve grown to like JavaFX very much, I think its based on solid concepts and will grow to become a very powerful language. I hope somewhere in the future I can continue working with it at a professional level..

4 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. Thanks Alex! 🙂

    Sorry for not posting about Swing/JavaFX integration yet. I have been buried in work for the last months. Hope to have some time for more posting in the future.


  2. Good Luck to you Pedro! You are making a great job with Modellus!

    You are now a specialist in JavaFX – Swing integration, one area that so many companies are looking for. I hope you work with something related to this :).

    Boa Sorte!

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