[Update 12 March, 2018: You should check out the Java, JavaFX theme page for updated information, things have changed]


I’ve been studying the interface of Windows 8, so I thought why not do a windows 8 theme for Java and what better timing than this given that there are only 3 days left for windows 8 to be available.

My first control is the Windows 8 “Push Button”, it’s simply just the normal button that you’re used to.

I’ll be releasing two themes: a dark theme (JMetroDarkTheme.css) and a light theme(JMetroLightTheme.css). The GIF below was captured from the demo aplication.

JavaFX Button with JMetro Dark Theme

Push Button – JMetro Dark Theme

JavaFX Button with JMetro Light Theme

Push Button – JMetro Light Theme

Together with the css files I’ve put an fxml file as an example. You can open it in Scene Builder then choose the style sheet you want to use by pressing “Preview -> Preview a style sheet…”. To see it in action click “Preview->Preview in window”.

The buttons are simply styled by adding the “.push-button” css class to a Button.

You can get the files here. Use them for any purpose, commercial or not.

24 thoughts on “JMetro – Windows 8 Metro controls on Java

  1. This is looking sweet. Have you considered using the css variables defined in caspian instead of applying the css directly to the control classes? This removes a lot of edge cases where caspian might be peeking through if you forget to style a certain part of the control.

  2. Thank you so much man, I’ve been looking for something like this for ages! 😀
    It’d be great if you made a progress bar aswell 🙂 And maybe a loading spinning wheel but i guess that can’t be made with css alone

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