A small update to the Ribbon control: Contextual Ribbon Tabs.

Some controls should only appear when a particular object is selected because they only affect the configuration of that object. This is why Contextual Ribbon Tabs exist. They only appear when a particular object is selected and disappear when it looses its selection.

To differentiate themselves from regular Ribbon Tabs they appear with a different color, they can also be composed of more than one Tab. In the picture below the Contextual Ribbon Tab appears in blue.


7 thoughts on “Contextual Ribbon Tabs for the Ribbon

  1. Looking good! I’m about to start porting an application from C# to java and I’m interested in using your ribbon. Is it ready for general use? I realise the API may change and I’m OK with that.

  2. Wow muito bom, adimiro muito seu trabalho desde o Metro, sempre estpu atento ao site. Parabéns.

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