[Update: This article has been updated on 20 July, 2018]

I’ve just released a new update for JMetro, bumping the version up to 3.3.0.

In this update you’ll find:

  • New TreeView Fluent Design System (FDS for short, that was originally named ‘Metro’) inspired style;
  • New Tabs and TabPane FDS inspired style;
  • New Context Menu dark FDS inspired style and retouch of light style.

JMetro version 3.3.0 details

TreeView JMetro style

The following animations show the new TreeView JMetro style:

TreeView JMetro Light Style

TreeView JMetro light style

TreeView JMetro Dark Style

TreeView JMetro dark style

Tabs and TabPane JMetro style

A new JMetro style has been added for Tabs (and TabPane):

Tab JMetro light style

Tab JMetro light style

Tab JMetro Dark style

Tab JMetro dark style

You may notice a slight ghost effect when changing selected tabs in the light style (a white border surrounds the tab that was just unselected). I only noticed this recently when reading this post again. This issue doesn’t exist in JMetro itself but it’s actually a problem with the GIF image presented above.

I’d also like to mention that these styles for Tabs and TabPane don’t exist in Microsoft’s Fluent Design System (FDS) specification, they only exist in JMetro. I made them because this is a control that exists in the JavaFX SDK, it’s an often used control and it was also a feature request.

JMetro does not try to mimic FDS it is rather a Java (JavaFX) theme inspired by FDS.

ContextMenu dark style and light style update

Before this JMetro version the dark and light style of the Context Menu looked the same:

Context Menu - JMetro Theme

Context Menu – JMetro theme before version 3.3.0

With version 3.3.0, a dark theme has been added, and the light theme has been retouched, and made slightly more compact along with changes to color, etc:

ContextMenu JMetro light theme

ContextMenu JMetro light theme

ContextMenu JMetro dark theme

ContextMenu JMetro dark theme


That’s it for this post. 3 new styles have been added/retouched: TreeView, Tabs and ContextMenu. Follow me on twitter and subscribe to this blog if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest news. I’ll update the documentation in the next coming days.

Here’s what I have planned next for JMetro:

  • Retouch Radio Button style;
  • Add JMetro style for Menus;
  • Retouch Toggle Switch style;
  • Add capability to easily change colors of JMetro style;
  • Etc.

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