Hello again. Having styled all JavaFX controls in the SDK plus a few more that didn’t exist and some others from other libraries. Subsequent versions will be about tweaking JMetro existing styles or adding some others styles from other controls of third party libraries. That is the case with this release. Here’s what’s new:

  • 3 new controls styles;
  • tweaks to JMetro existing styles;

Keep on reading for details

New control styles

TabPane “with underline”

This is a different style for the TabPane other than the standard existing style. You can either use the existing style or if you add the underlined styleclass to the TabPane you’ll get this new style. Below you can see screen captures of this new style and the default one:

TabPane JavaFX JMetro Light standard style
TabPane standard Light JMetro style
TabPane JavaFX JMetro Dark standard style
TabPane standard Dark JMetro style
TabPane JavaFX JMetro Light "underline style
TabPane “underline” Light JMetro style
TabPane JavaFX JMetro Dark "underline style
TabPane “underline” Dark JMetro style


RangeSlider is a control from ControlsFX.

This control basically is a slider that lets you define a “lower” and “higher” value.

RangeSlider default Modena style
RangeSlider default Modena style

For the JMetro style I needed the RangeSlider thumbs to not be circular. However, there is a bug in the ControlsFX RangeSlider that doesn’t allow the thumbs to be non circular. To fix this JMetro uses a new custom skin for the RangeSlider which is applied by default when JMetro is set.

I’ll be creating a PR for ControlsFX to fix this bug on their Java 8 and Java 11 versions. Hopefully if it gets approved I’ll then remove this JMetro Skin as there will be no need for it.

Below is the RangeSlider with the JMetro style:

RangeSlider JMetro Light style
RangeSlider light JMetro style
RangeSlider JMetro Dark style
RangeSlider dark JMetro style

Due to the restrictions imposed by modules, having a custom skin for the RangeSlider in the JMetro Java 11 version is not possible (would require use of classes that aren’t available). This will be solved after the PR to ControlsFX java 11 version gets approved and merged.

Alternating row colors for controls that use cells

An alternating row color style has been added to TreeTableView, TableView, ListView and TreeView.

The purpose of this style is to make these controls data easier to read, which is useful on data heavy TreeTableView, TableView, ListView or TreeView where the width of the rows is large and it can become hard for your eyes to distinguish which cells belong to which rows.

Below is this style for only the TreeTableView:

TreeTableView alternating row color styles - JMetro Light theme
TreeTableView alternating row color styles – Light theme
TreeTableView alternating row color styles - JMetro Dark theme
TreeTableView alternating row color styles – Dark theme

To set this style add the styleclass alternating-row-colors to the control. If that styleclass isn’t present the control will have the normal (without alternating row colors) style.

Tweaks to already existing styles

Tweaked Spinner style

The old Spinner style has been tweaked. Here’s the screen captures of the new style:

Spinner  - JMetro Light theme
Spinner new Light JMetro style
Spinner  - JMetro Dark theme
Spinner new Dark JMetro style

Other changes

Here’s the full list of the other changes in this release:

  1. Add style to MenuButton when inside ToolBar;
  2. Add style for SplitMenuButton inside ToolBar;
  3. Remove border around MenuButton when it’s inside ToolBar and TooBar hasn’t got focus;
  4. Missing ToggleButton “light”/toolbar style (we already had Button light style). This has nothing to do with the Light theme. It is a kind of style that both exists in Dark and Light theme which has fewer decorations and, as such, looks more “integrated” with its container (less prominent);
  5. Change default Light theme background to a greyish tone. Creating a sense of a hierarchy and less tiring to the eyes than having applications look all white by default.

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