This time a new release of the FXComponents library. Which is now in version 1.6.

This new version brings with it a new component: NavigationPane.

Why would you use NavigationPane?

Presenting navigation where the navigation items are on the left, content on the right is very popular nowadays. Sometimes there’s also a chance to collapse the navigation items so they occupy less space.

The following screen captures illustrate this. The apps shown are: Windows Settings, Youtube (web), Twitter (web), Windows app store.

NavigationPane control aims to facilitate the inclusion of a similar way of navigation, in your apps.

NavigationPane features

  1. As described, navigation items on the left, content on the right;
  2. Ability to shrink/expand menu items on the left (when items are shrunk only the icon is shown);
  3. Possibility to add footer menu items (these are placed on the bottom left);
  4. Toggle settings menu item visibility on or off;
  5. When menu items list is too big, a “minimalistic” ScrollPane is shown (uses FXSkins library internally);
  6. Possibility of having a hierarchy of menu items (child items inside menu items);
  7. Possibility of adding background blur around the control through the use of the FXThemes library;
  8. When items are shrunk, and they have child items a context menu is shown when they’re clicked so user can select child items;
  9. Animations all around for better visual aesthetics.

Following is a video of a sample app containing a NavigationPane control. The video illustrates the features that were mentioned.
The sample shown in the video is in the fxcomponents-samples sub project, in the fxcomponents repository.

As usual, if you want to know more about this library, check out its documentation page.

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