Creating a CAD application in Java (JavaFX)

Screenshot of CAD application
Screenshot of CAD application

Some days ago I finished a CAD application whose purpose is to calculate the energy efficiency of Dwellings (or multiple Dwellings). It can be seen as an application similar to Autocad (which is used in Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc) but with the specific purpose to do energy efficiency assessment.

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JMetro icons (version 8.6.9 and 11.6.9)

Hello again. Another release of JMetro this time the main highlight is support for free high quality icons.

These icons are available for free in Windows 10 machines (you’ll need to use a fallback on other OSes), you don’t have to download anything. You also don’t need to be using the JMetro theme to take advantage of this icon classes. You can use them even if you’re using Modena or any other theme.

Other than that some new small tweaks and fixes to existing styles. Keep reading for details.

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JMetro Version 11.6.8 And 8.6.8 Released

Another release, this time a shorter update.

Writing documentation and blog posts is a bit of a bummer, but I thought I had to update the documentation since it’s been about a year or more since it hasn’t been updated. So for this release I also focused on that. Here’s the link: Javafx Theme JMetro page.

The documentation page has been completely reviewed and rewritten. I think if you work with JMetro you should check it out as there are probably some things you are not aware of.

As for the new version here’s what’s new:

  1. TableView, TreeTableView: When in cell selection mode, hover effect happens on Cells. When in row selection mode, hover effect are on the whole row.
  2. Added JMetroStyleClass Class. This Class has constants (and some helper methods) for the styleclasses that you can use in JMetro. Examples are: the BACKGROUND styleclass which is essential when using JMetro, a styleclasses for changing the TabPane to a different style from the standard JMetro style, etc.
  3. “Light” style for MenuButton and SplitMenuButton. This is a style that when JMetroStyleClass.LIGHT styleclass is added to these controls, the controls look less prominent and more integrated into their container.